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The Influence of Early Adopter Communities on Your Business Growth

Published on 6 months ago

Introduction :

Rising acquisition costs and competition are making it more challenging than ever to grow an early adopters SAAS business. Especially, if you are an early-stage startup with limited resources.

To combat this growth marketers are turning towards the community-led approach more. In fact, the average overall ROI on communities is 4,530%.

But building communities is no walk in the park. It requires expertise, time and resources. Today, we will give you the tools you need to start without breaking the bank.

In this blog post we will discuss :

Who is an early adopter?

Why do early adopters matter?

Strategies for Creating a Community of Early Adopters.

Who Is an Early Adopter?

A person or organization that embraces a new technology, product, or service early in its life cycle. They are frequently regarded as trendsetters or opinion leaders as they are not afraid to try new things and take chances. 

The word “early adopter” was introduced to the world by Everett M. Rogers in his book. Rogers spent years studying human behaviour to predict how people would react to new innovations.

The main three pillars that define early adopters are :

  1. Risk Tolerance
  2. Innovativeness
  3. Social Influence

Why do early adopters matter in Businesses or startups?

Early Adopters

1. Faster feedback

Early adopters are frequently the first to utilize a new good or service, so they can offer insightful feedback. This is invaluable for businesses, aiding them in fixing issues before public release.

2. Help to create buzz –

Early adopters may share their experiences with your products within their circles, fostering organic growth for your startup.

This fosters brand awareness and credibility resulting in more Word-of-mouth.

3. Validation

Their nod to your innovation is a validation of your idea. 

To investors, partners, and the public, it signals interest – interest that’s tangible, time-bound, and worth investing in

Strategies for Creating a Community of Early Adopters.

Early Adopters

1. Identify the target audience

  1. Decide who your target market is.
  2. Who are the individuals most likely to use your product early on?
  3. What are their requirements and problems?

Your marketing and outreach activities should be tailored to your target customer. 

Spend as much time as you can understanding them.

2. Make it easy for users to connect with each other

You can use chat rooms or platforms like Skool or Circle to host your community.

This is the commonplace where all your community members can connect with each other and you.

Structure the channel to encourage conversation between members.

For example: Introduce members to each other or ask a genuine question when someone joins.

3. Provide Value

Early adopters are open to taking risks, but they also expect rewards in return. 

Whether it’s resolving an issue, improving their life, or assisting them in achieving their objectives, ensure your product provides them with actual value.

4. Promote the community through socials –

Building a community is not enough.

You need to promote it using various channels both organic and paid.

Social media is a great starting point.

SEO, Video marketing, webinars and events are also great ways to promote your community.

Paid ads are a great way to scale once you have some traction.

Conclusion – 

Growth is not solitary but communal. A community of early adopters could be your business turbo boosters.

Start with your first 50 customers. Try these strategies to help you with the process.

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Early Adopters
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