5 Health tech trends in 2023     that will shape the Future

       Internet of Medical           Things (IoMT)

loMT - is a network of connected medical devices, wearable devices, sensors, and other healthcare-related technology that are integrated with cloud computing systems.

AR and VR for Education &             Diagnosis

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) are rapidly evolving. They can provide a more interactive and immersive experience for medical education and training.

         Remote Patient        Monitoring (RPM)

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is an innovative technology that allows healthcare professionals to monitor a patient's condition from a distance.

  Telepsychiatry - Mental          Health Services

Telepsychiatry is all about delivering mental health services through technology, like communicating via video calls and messaging. In 2023, it's expected to be a big player in overcoming mental health challenges.

         Automation for     Healthcare Providers

Automation technology, such as robotic process automation (PA), is predicted to make up more than half of all healthcare IT investments by 2023.RPA can automate administrative processes like claims processing, appointment, and medical billing.

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