5 Hot digital transformation trends

Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is a flexible working style in which people work part-time at a physical office and part-time from home or another location. It is a working culture that many companies offer.

Intelligent Search

Intelligent search has other names such as natural language search, AI-powered search, and cognitive search. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology allows intelligent search to break down data silos.

Customer Data Platforms                    (CDPs)

A customer data platform (CDP) is software that gathers and organizes first-party customer data from many sources to create a single, coherent, and comprehensive view of each customer.

AIOps and Machine          Learning

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is defined as the application of AI or similar technologies, such as machine learning, to IT operations.

Integrated Agile, DevOps,     and ITSM Platforms

The management of the end-to-end delivery of IT services to clients is known as IT service management (ITSM). In a nutshell, IT teams employ repeatable processes to efficiently address end-user needs.

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