5 Ways To  Tackle Digital Transformation Without Downtime.

Phase-Wise Approach

Consider taking a phased approach to reduce the risk in your transformation. You can release a minimum viable product (MVP) into production early to get realistic structural and operational criticism.

Identify Problems Earlier

IAs downtime can be caused by a native problem. Thus, for a major transformation phase, you need to build an early warning system to validate and test things in each phase

Plan For Accuracy and             Reliability

It’s better to have a dynamic plan to ensure functional accuracy and operational reliability to minimize the chances of errors.

Establish A Multi-Layered Fallback Mechanism

Multi-Layered Fallback Mechanism helps to reduce the use of the old system while decreasing the impact and elegantly degrading in case of problems.

Keep Everyone Involved             in the Plan

One of the major issues is the skill gap in what needs to be transformed. Thus, to make everyone in your organization understand the process, it is important to involve everyone in the plan.

Digital transformation is a sure-shot way for large and successful organizations to stay ahead of their digital-only competitors.

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