7 Best Examples of UX You Must Know About It

Amazon's one-click ordering is a simple but brilliant example of UX design. With just one click, you can order anything you want from Amazon. It's so easy that it's almost effortless.

Google's Material Design is a beautiful and intuitive design language that's used in many Google products, including Android, Gmail, and Google Maps. Material Design is all about creating a sense of depth and motion, and it's incredibly user-friendly.

Apple's iOS 16 is a major update to the iPhone's operating system, and it includes some great UX improvements. For example, you can now pin widgets to your home screen, and you can use Siri to control your HomeKit devices without having to unlock your phone.

Slack's conversational UI is a great example of how UX can be used to improve productivity. With Slack, you can have conversations with other people, share files, and collaborate on projects without having to leave your email or browser.

Netflix's personalized recommendations are a great example of how UX can be used to keep users engaged. Netflix uses your viewing history to recommend movies and TV shows that you're likely to enjoy, and it's incredibly accurate.

Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist is a great example of how UX can be used to introduce users to new music. Discover Weekly is a personalized playlist that's updated every week, and it's a great way to find new songs that you'll love.

Tesla's Autopilot is a great example of how UX can be used to make driving safer. Autopilot uses a combination of sensors and software to control the car's speed and steering, and it can take over for the driver in certain situations.

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