choose right CMS ? Follow this 6 steps.

1. Learn About Headless CMS and Its Architecture

If you are only aware of traditional CMS, then it is necessary that you understand headless CMS.

2. Difference Between Monolithic and Microservice Architecture

A traditional CMS is a combination of content management and presentation in a single solution. It controls the way content is presented to a website using templates.

3. Difference Between Web First and Content First Approach

Traditional CMS was designed specifically for the web. It was developed for web-specific concepts such as sitemap, websites, and web pages

4. Do an In-Depth Budget Analysis

The total cost of ownership includes the following criteria: – The upfront cost of Headless    CMS – Overall implementation costs – Migration cost from existing    CMS – Ongoing development costs – Hosting Cost – Maintenance cost

5. List Out Headless CMS Providers

Now you know your requirements and have a defined budget for your headless CMS, you should start looking for headless CMS vendors.

6. Analyze The Overall Headless CMS Solution

When you shortlist vendors you will have a handful of CMS providers. And, most of them will fit your requirements. You need to make sure that they meet the needs of all the developers, marketers, and business users.

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