How IoT impacts    web development.

   Increasing complexity in          web development

 IoT web development  necessitates working with large  amounts of data, complex user  interfaces, and security.

   Need for extensive web    development knowledge

 IoT web development varies  from traditional web  development in that IoT web  developer must have a better  understanding of databases,  programming, and how things  function.

      Maintaining hybrid       development teams

 Companies must create hybrid  teams since web developers  may need to collaborate with  IoT developers. IoT development  and its consequences will  require specialists from both  industries.

    Continuously collecting     vast amounts of data

 IoT devices collect massive  volumes of data. This data  should be processed properly by  the web app. Web development,  for example, confronts a  significant issue in getting user  input from live websites.

         Security is being                prioritized

 Modern IoT devices lack  sophisticated security  mechanisms. Encryption skills  will be required of web  developers. To safeguard IoT  devices from security breaches.

  Dynamic UI development

 IoT applications require  continually changing user  interfaces to meet the needs of  various users. As a result, UI  and UX design elements will  become increasingly important.

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