Top frontend frameworks of 2023 for web development

React JS

Considering how easy it is to learn and how much money a ReactJs Front-end developer makes, ReactJs could easily steal the number one spot for the best Front-end Framework. Now an open-source framework.

Angular JS

The only of the many Front-end Frameworks in 2023 based on TypeScript, Angular makes its spot on this list. Angular was initially released in the year 2010 by Google as AngularJs. The now known version of the Framework (Angular 2+) was developed and deployed in 2016,

Vue JS

The developers of VueJs have combined the existing Front-end Frameworks’ best features to deploy a simple and straightforward framework


Since its development in 2006, JQuery has been around for quite some time now. Despite being an older Framework, it is still popular and widely used. Jquery is a very simple Framework that is easy to learn. With the framework, one doesn’t need to write extensive Javascript codes


With its component-based functionality and two-way data binding, Ember resembles Angular a lot. It was developed in 2011 owing to the demands of modern technologies. Despite being one of the toughest Frameworks to learn

Backbone JS

An open-source, free to use framework, this was developed in 2010 by Jeremy Ashkenas. It is a popular, most used frontend framework for creating small, single-page web apps. It keeps the app logic and UI separated, making it easy for developers. It can also be used for bigger projects that demand better design with less coding

Semantic UI

Semantic UI is comparatively new in the industry. It has been accepted as one of the leading frontend frameworks for web development. The usability, simplicity and spontaneous user interface are behind the success. It uses simple coding language, and hence, freshers find it easy to grasp and work with

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